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Ten Things You Can Do To Get Ahead of the Pack

Here are ten quick positive bits of advice to ensure that you are perceived as a hot prospect.

  • 1. Be positive and enthusiastic when answering your phone.

  • 2. If you have been a left a message by a prospective employer, get back with them immediately.

  • 3. Put your resume and cover letter on bonded paper and in a large envelope

  • 4. Use action oriented words on your resume noting accomplishments.

  • 5. Do your homework on your future employer, perhaps by conducting a 3 months search of a local newspaper.

  • 6. Have a game plan for your interview.

  • 7. Give your resume to any prospective references in order that what they say to your prospective employer is consistent to what you have said during the interview.

  • 8. Buy a new tie or piece of jewelry before the interview so you feel good about yourself and what you are wearing.

  • 9. Give great eye contact to the person that is giving the question at the interview.

  • 10. Carry in a folder marked with the name of the prospective employer. In other words, act as if you already have the job.
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