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Ten Things You Surely Want to Avoid in Your Job Search

  • 1. A resume that includes personal information such as number of children, your date of birth and where you worship.

  • 2. A resume or cover letter that has such small type that you would need to put it under a microscope to read.

  • 3. Wearing something that jiggles during an interview (i.e. earrings).

  • 4. Too much makeup; too much perfume; ugly tie; un-kept facial hair.

  • 5. Name dropping a political figure who has now become your best friend.

  • 6. A folded resume place it in a large envelope.

  • 7. Upsetting the secretary of the individual with whom you have an interview.

  • 8. Using the words "guys" or "gals".

  • 9. Describing the reason you left a position as a "personality clash."

  • 10. Showing absolutely no enthusiasm on the phone when you get a call for an interview.
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P.S. If you have a Job Search Avoidance statement, let me know and I'll consider publishing it. E mail me at info@effronassociates.com

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