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Roger Effron wants you to know the latest local, state and educational news. Find out who's making the news in the area.

January/February 2008

  • Congratulations to Arnol Elam who will is retiring from the Monroe Local Schools. Mr. Elam was the first Superintendent for this start up school district. Replacing him will be Dr. Libby Lolli who is leaving the Barberton City Schools. Libby knows this area, as she formerly served the Middletown City Schools. We welcome her. ?

  • Also a fond farewell to Jack Moreland, who is retiring from the Covington Ind. School District (KY). Jack has done a fine job in focusing what is best for an urban district. ?

  • Jon Weidlich is leaving the Lakota Local Schools to serve as the public relations Director for the Great Oaks. ?

  • The parents of the suspended Taylor students are suing the District for suspending their children for placing some slanderous material about one of their teachers on a major website. The ACLU also has joined in the act. So sad. Itís a shame that the parents of these students are not punishing their children for disrespecting one of their teachers. Remember the days when you were fearful about saying anything to your parents about being disrespectful to your teachers. Now it seems that when you tell your parents about what happened in school, their first call is to their lawyer. Get out the Kleenex ?Iím crying over this one. ?

  • Good luck to Reading, Loveland, West Clermont, Cincinnati Winton Woods, Williamsburg and Milford on their ballot attempts in March. Much of the turnout will most likely be determined by the importance of the presidential primary. ?

  • The search is on for a new Superintendent in Cincinnati. Will it be an inside or outside candidate? History has proven that outside the district just doesnít stay around for long. Remember the names of Fraley, Adamowski and Powell. Where is Mike Brandt when you need him?

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