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Need to move your career ahead?
Desire help locating a challenging job?
Frustrated with how to compose a resume??
Need some coaching on that upcoming interview?
Want to enchance your job search strategies?

Effron & Associates provides specialized assistance that prepares you for a highly competitive educational market. We are NOT a job placement service. We help you make your job search more effective, more efficient, more productive and more professional.

Our Fees
Effron & Associates is a unique service using the latest technology to keep in touch with educators. Our company utilizes either regular landline conferencing or video conferencing.

  • Level of Services
    1. Resume and cover letter evaluation with phone conference - $49.00
    2. Resume development. Cover letter development via email and phone conference - $100.00
    3. Videoconferencing (must have Skype or .Mac) resume review and or development, cover letter, job search strategies, interview coaching - $20.00 per 15 minutes
    4. For those just starting a critical job search, it is strongly suggested that one purchase Roger Effron’s Insider’s Guide to Finding a Job In Education. See details on this page.

Call us at 513-561-1700 for an appointment or use the Contact Us form to contact us via email..

Job Vacancies

Ohio - Click Here for a list of administrative and teaching vacancies in Ohio.

Kentucky - Click Here for a list of administrative and teaching vacancies in Kentucky

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