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Insider's Guide
A must-have for anyone looking for a job in the world of education.

Roger Effron has reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates vying for a job in education. In this manual, he shares insight from the viewpoint of a decision-maker... the guy on the other side of the desk who is responsible for finding and hiring superior education professionals.

Among the insider information revealed in this guide:
 How to work smart in your job search ?concentrating your time and energy on tasks that will get you the most bang for your buck.
 How to get your resume moved to the top of the pile, with examples to get you started.
 How to prepare for an interview. Dazzle them the moment you walk through the door. Leave them wanting more.

Also included in this guide:

     How to Build a Game Plan for Your Search
     How to Create Your Marketing Pitch
     Forms and Checklists
     Sample Resumes
     Real-Life Examples
     Practical Insight and Etiquette
     Job Search Resources
     Interview Rehearsal Questions

You should purchase the Insider's Book if:
You are a teacher, counselor, or administrator interested in advancing your career.
You need help in developing a first class resume.
You want to evaluate your own job search by reading what an expert says
You want to pick up some very practical bits of advice customized for educators.

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Insiders Guide

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Book Cover

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